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Long Island Corporate Massage Events - Let our dedicated team take the stress out of your office. With an extensive network of Licensed and Insured Massage Therapists, we provide more than just On-Site Chair Massages! Off-site On- Your-Site Chair Massage is just the beginning... We have lots of options!


Looking for a Hands On approach to lifting spirits and building good will? Want to attract crowds and leave a lasting impression at your event? Need a new Team Building approach? Then read more about incorporating our Mobile Spa Services into your business. Let us a tailor a day or a few hours or a few day event just for you! Massage is a guaranteed way to bring a positive atmosphere to any Event or Corporate Wellness Program. Massage Therapy has been shown to help work-related issues such as poor posture, carpal tunnel symptoms, and increase employee morale. Many companies and individuals have problems finding affordable ways to show their employees, and clients how much they value their relationship.  Let us send you a highly qualified Massage Therapist to your location and watch how much they can influence your Event.


Health Fair Massages, Corporate Massage Programs, Marketing Events, Convention Massages, Mobile Massage Events - anywhere you can incorporate Massage, Hands On  Massage Therapy Mobile Spa can help!

Options for Corporate Massage

Depending on how many employees you have, or how many people would like to get massage, we will coordinate with you the necessary number of therapists and amount of time your mobile massage event should be scheduled for.

Mell-ow Shots

Special- Un-traditional Chair Massage $240.00 for 2 hours of Stress-Relieving Services

Best Known as the "Instant Mood-shifter"

OUR MOST POPULAR SERVICE AT $10.00 PER PERSON!  Yes, and that includes the Gratuity! (1st 2 hours only)

Aroma-massages for neck/shoulders or hands. Our Wandering Waitress (Licensed Massage Therapist) circulates around your party or venue & provides your guests or staff with a spa bar of aromatherapy Mell-ow shots, that are used for mini massages of the neck and shoulders or arms and hands. If you prefer, a stationary station can be set up. This service takes up NO room because there's not ANY equipment needed, accept for our therapist's magical hands and the lotions which can be set up on any table or counter. Takes Chair Massage To A New Level! Guests Leave With That Ahhhh Spa Feeling!

It is always best to try and find an area away for the rest of the guests. We will often provide music and light décor at no additional charge. Please call us to discuss your event and space availability so we can plan an event that works best for your guests!

Each station is 2 hours long, includes 24 shots (about 5 minutes each) many scents to choose from, and your "Wandering  Or Stationary Waitress" (Licensed Massage Therapist.)

Customize Your Event -  Minutes can be increased or decreased per guest!

$120 Each Additional Hour

Don't have 24 Guests? No Problem!  Split the 24 shots among those you DO have! 2 hour minimum always required, 4 Hour minimum may be required.
Gratuity brings total price to $10 per person *Travel fee may apply in some locations.

Traditional Chair Massage


Chair massage is a terrific way to promote stress management - a way to keep employees happy, healthy and productive. Optimally positioned, chair massage is an excellent way to engage Health Fair attendees and keep them interested - ensuring that your Health Fair is a resounding success!
Our trained, licensed and insured Massage Therapists can come to your location, bring all of the necessary equipment and supplies, and give your attendees something that they will never forget and show them how much you care.


Chair massage has many demonstrated therapeutic benefits.
• Decreases job stress, increases alertness and improves productivity.
• Reducing stress reduces the number of lost work days and also reduces medical and disability payments.
• Reducing stress lowers employee turnover and also eases the task of recruiting new workers.
• Plus, a low-stress work environment is just plain more fun to work in.

$120.00 per hour  (Gratuity is Discretionary)
2- 4 hour minimum may be required
* Travel fee may apply in some locations
*If a Event Coordinator is necessary, additional fee may apply

Simply Spa Services

Basic Services. No Party Setup. No Spa Décor. 2 Hour Minimum

Swedish Table Massage $135.00 per hour
Chair Massage or Hand Massages $120.00 per hour

Foot Massage $120.00 per hour

Bongers (special massage tool) Shoulder Massage $120.00 per hour
Relaxation Facials $135.00 per hour

Evening and weekend differentials may apply. Gratuities will automatically be added. Staff arrives 10 to 15 minutes prior to the start of services to setup. 2 Hour minimum and Spa Professional per event/location. Destination Fee may apply.

Massage For The Masses

Mell-ow Shots OUR MOST POPULAR SERVICE AT $10.00 PER PERSON!  Yes, and that includes the Gratuity!

See Above!

Seasonal Foot Ritual Reflexology Oh those barking dogs! Soothe them with a quicky dry brush exfoliation, a reflexology-inspired pressure point massage followed by a seasonal finishing lotion! Fall - Pumpkin Spice, Winter - Peppermint Stick. Spring- Champagne and Rose or Chocolate, Summer - Mango or Coconut Lime $135.00 per hour

Lush Hand Treatments 100 % pure Spa Feeling! A rich, soft, warming balm leaves skin perfectly hydrated. $15 per person when combined with our Relaxation Station. Event Hostess Necessary

Green Tea Fabric Face Refresh Masque - Not quite a facial, but it is quite relaxing! $5.00 per person when combined with our Relaxation Station. Note- Not done by an esthetician! Event Hostess Necessary

Operation De-Stress Station Bring Your Stress to the Table and Leave It There!
Stress, stress go away and stay away… that’s the goal! Relax the body, mind and soul with simple, reduce the stress-on-the-spot activities. Learn the art of relaxation and rediscover the enjoyment in life. This is a true “Hands On” approach that will allow you and yours to “Take Home The Experience” of Relaxation. $100.00

Gourmet Tea and Water Station Bringing the Day Spa to Your Doorstep and your taste buds! A unique experience that really helps bring the spa home (or to the office) Choices include rich flavors and superior health benefits. $30.00 set up fee $4.00 per person.

De-Stress By Chocolate Gourmet, Over-sized Truffles -No matter how good you think they sound, they taste even better! You won't be disappointed! 

Relaxation Stations Comfy portable recliners perfect for chill-axing! May include Treats for the Neck, Belly, Eyes. $50.00 set up fee. Event Hostess Necessary

Spa Decor Prices Vary

The return on your investment is seen instantly. An in-office massage will help relieve tension, while instituting a calm, peaceful, and productive working environment. Increase productivity, work satisfaction and be declared employer of the year! Everybody wins with Mobile Massage.  We have professional massage equipment that is completely portable.  Our staff will arrive early to set up their supplies and equipment; you simply need to provide a space for them to set up shop.  Break rooms, conference rooms, and empty cubicles - anywhere where you can send your employee for a few minutes of relaxing Massage Therapy, will be perfect.

Why choose Hands On for your next event?

Dramatically Increase Traffic
Been to a trade show? Then you know nothing draws a crowd like the words FREE CHAIR MASSAGE! People will be helplessly drawn to your exhibit – you’ve got them right where you want them.
Keep Customers Around Longer
To your customers your booth is not just another blur in a busy trade-show – it’s a destination. Chair Massage is a healthy, affordable way to reward people for attending your event.
Create a Buzz!
Once a crowd has gathered, more people will come by to see what's going on. And those who’ve enjoyed a chair massage will let others people know exactly where to go – straight to your booth! 
Many large companies and small businesses have found Massage Therapy to be a low cost benefit that helps to attract and retain employees and help them achieve their potential. Massage Therapy is often found in an employee benefit program.
Studies indicate that companies that offer massage therapy, have shown a decline in turnover rates, an increase in problem-solving aptitude and heightened morale.
Reduced Stress, Decreased absenteeism, Company appreciation, increased employee retention and improved employee morale!
Massage therapy has been shown to alleviate work-related stress and build immunity against many illnesses, and companies that offer massage benefits to their employees not only have happier employees but healthier employees who feel appreciated, and in turn excel in their jobs.

We've touched many lives at...
Travelers Insurance. Touro College. The Hain Celestrial Group. Lifetime Chimney. The Atria Senior Living. National Grid. North Shore LIJ. Dance Connection. Suffolk Community College. Verizon Wireless. Barnet Products. More

Bringing The Ahh and The Spa To You!

mobile massage at home li

Dear Marla,  

I want to thank you and your staff for the wonderful Spa Day we had on December 14, 2012. The event could not have been a success without you and your team. You transformed our office into a relaxing, comforting and inviting space for our employees to enjoy. The setting was perfect; there were times I didn’t even feel like I was in the office! 

I applaud the excellent service you and your staff provided. They were extremely professional, well-organized and attentive. The massage therapists were wonderful and created a calm and peaceful experience. Thank you for making our first Spa Day memorable!



M. DeFalco, Sr. HR Coordinator North Shore-LIJ Health System

To whom it may concern,
Our community has utilized Hands on Healthcare on two occasions and both times it has been a great success. Our company enjoys giving back to their employees and we have provided them massages during some of our celebrations. Hands on Healthcare is a very professional and skilled team. I would highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for great service at a reasonable price and true compassion.

J. K, Executive Director Atria Huntington

Good afternoon Marla,  I wanted to take a quick moment and thank you and your fantastic staff for helping with my employee appreciation event in December here at Verizon Wireless. I was looking for an event that would really show my staff how important they are to my business. Hand On HealthCare Massage Therapy was the solution I needed. Your staff came to my facility and exceeded expectations. I have a staff of 38 employees and you were able to fit them in and fit my budget. I would definitely recommend any business to think about trying this relaxing event for their staff as well. Please feel free to pass my number to anyone who might have a question on how well this type of investment can work for their business. Happy employees make happy customers! Thank you so much again Mike.P, Verizon Wireless